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Support this production financially and receive some great perks in exchange.


All the money received will go towards making sure Rose comes out to the highest quality.

You can take advantage of each of the prizes that we grant as a benefit for your donation. You can contribute from 10usd onwards!
Gratitude USD$10
  • Your name included in the credits as a backer.
  • Once the short film has been released, you will be able to find your name in the credits of those who supported this project.
Behind the scenes: exclusive Videos and photos USD$30
  • Full access to exclusive videos and photos from the production.
  • Once this crowdfunding campaign has finished, we will give you access (through your email) to exclusive content about the production process for Rose.
Your picture on “The Wall of Fame” USD$60
  • In a special way of gratitude, we are going to use your picture and use an honoring title for your contribution with our animation short film.
  • We will put your photo on our website´s Wall of Fame, with a special thanks for your contribution. Your name will also appear in the credits of the short under the title “Wall of Fame” once the premiere of the short film has been aired.
Original art concepts USD$90
  • Digital ebook with exclusive art concepts from our animated short.
  • After the premiere of the short film, we will email you an e-book with original art of the short film.
Video of appreciation with your name USD$120
  • You will receive a video by the director expressing our gratitude with your name in it. In addition, we will share some special behind the scenes of the production. Your name also will be part of Rose’s production credits.
  • This video will be approximately three min. The director will thank you and show you the production and creation process of Rose, we will send this video to your email once the short film has been released. (The language for this video will only be English.)
A coffee with the staff USD$500
  • An exclusive 15 min. video conference with the production team and a Thank You video.
  • During the video call, we will discuss the questions and comments you have about the production, we will take a “selfie” and post it to our “Coffee with Rose” page. We will do this once the crowdfunding campaign is finished. We will send you a video of the recording of our videoconference and your name will appear in the credits of the short under the title “Special Thanks”.
Kit Rose USD$1000
  • Digital kit that includes a digital copy of the script signed by the production staff, appreciation letter and video, exclusive photos and an honorific title in the credits.
  • Once the short film is aired, we will email you a digital copy of the script signed by the production, a letter and thank you video. We will also send you exclusive images of Rose and your name will appear in the special credits of the short film.
You as character! USD$5000
  • We are going to create your own character and include it in the short film.
  • We will create a character with your physical features, that will appear as an extra in a few of the scenes created for the production. We will email you a thank you video and your name will appear in the special credits of the short film.

“Rose is a phenomenal short film, with a captivating story. This short will connect viewers with the Word of God and His Gospel, in a current and very real way. It’s such an important message that everyone has the right to hear.”

Alex Campos
Artist / Winner of 5 Grammy awards

“I have huge admiration for VisionArt, not only for the quality of their work, but also because they have built a solid Studio and with a great work ethic and environment.”

Hernando Bahamón
Siggraph Colombia

Pr. César Castellanos
Main Pastor MCI international and G12 International.

Pastor and founder of “International Charismatic Mission” in Bogota, Colombia and the G12 network with more than 8000 connected churches worldwide. Author and writer of more than 80 books, passionate about photography and preaching the gospel.
In 2016 he inaugurated G12 Animation Studios (now Visionart Studios), later creating the successful series Little Big Heroes.

Richard Harding
CEO Visionart Inc.

He left his native country, England to live in Bogotá together with his wife Manuela Harding, where they founded VisionArt, an editorial, audiovisual and Christ centered company. In 2016 he became part of the creative team of Little Big Heroes. He is also the creator of HeroKids TV a family digital platform with secure content for kids.

Manuela Harding
CEO Visionart Inc.

Manuela Harding is the mother of 4 children, and wife to Richard Harding. She graduated in Christian Ministry at Regent University and she is currently studying pedagogy and teaching methods. She is passionate for God and children and also a founder of HeroMoms, a Christian community for moms, teaching how to instruct our kids from home, with Christian principles and Fear of God. She is the director of the children’s ministry at MCI Church.
In 2016 she started the Plan and production for Little Big Heroes, reaching more than 1 million subscribers on its Spanish Youtube channel.

Diego Gomez

He lives in his home city, Bogota. Diego is an illustrator and storyboard artist. He studied visual arts and audiovisual production.
Married and father of 2 children, he was part of the creation team of Little Big Heroes in 2016. Today he is the director of VisionArt Studios and heads up productions such as “Sam y la Guerra secreta” and “Pescadines”. He started the pre production of Rose in 2019 and it is set to be finished in 2021.

How will the resources be used?

We want to let you know how your contribution will be used and the way in which we have designed the production plan from start to finish.
To date we have a significant advance of one of the three important stages that are needed in the animation short process, the first stage is the pre-production where we conceive the idea of ​​the story, the storyboard, animatic with voices and sounds, the art concept of the characters, as well as the environments that will be part of the scenes. Once all of these is approved, we begin the arduous but exciting work of 3D modeling, then we send the necessary props and characters to the rigging department so that they are suitable to be animated, when completing this process everything will be ready for the animators and actual movement.
Next, we want to show you the percentages in which the resources will be distributed, when the pre-production process is almost finished, we will start production and promotion.

Trailer Rose
Fragmento Animatic


$18,181 of $180,000 raised
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