Frequently Asked Questions

When will Rose be available?

We are counting on you! Our goal is to finish it by the first semester of 2021!

Where will I be able to watch it?

Our desire is to take Rose to different festivals where we can display the excellence that characterizes our work and share the message of salvation throughout the world. For this reason, once production is finished, we will send you a private link where you can watch it, in gratitude for your support for this project. Only after the festival tour will Rose be available for public viewings and watch parties in different churches. This is due to the rules of said festivals. If you want to watch it as soon as it’s finished, click on the rewards banner and support Rose!

How will my contribution be used when I support the project?

The expenses of a production vary, ranging from payroll, software and voice actors to rendering and storage servers, etc. In the image below, you´ll find a graphic:

What impact will Rose have?

The message of salvation is the best news anyone can hear, and that is exactly what Rose is all about! Our goal is to share an animated short that will lead others to reflect on what is truly important in their lives; that they would look beyond fame or satisfaction that lasts but a moment, and focus on eternal life. We know that every one who watches our audiovisual production will not be the same and the seed of the gospel will remain in their heart and bear the fruit of salvation.

Can I make a contribution more than once?

Of course! You can make a contribution as many times as you like.

Can I contribute less than 10 dollars?

The minimum contribution is 10 dollars. However, you can have friends and family join you to be able to give much more, or gather enough for the minimum.

Can I make a contribution in my local currency?

You can make a contribution in USD $, COP $, EUR €, GBP £, BRL R$ y MXN $.



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