A few decades ago, the options to spread a message were limited, the means weren´t enough for it to be shared around the whole world. For example, it wasn´t until the invention of the first printing press that the message of God was made known through paper (The Gutenberg Bible, 1450), just 571 years ago. As the years went by, the idea of sharing a message at the mass level was much better conceived, and now it´s not only something utopian but rather a real, current possibility.

It´s interesting that although our message has never changed, and will never change, the way to reach people has. It started with a speech in the town square or a dissertation on a mountain, to a trend or a notification that reaches millions through an app. This is a great opportunity for us because our mission is to be able to announce the good news to everyone! But this also prompts us to explore these new platforms and use them in the best possible way.

The opportunity we have today is truly amazing, and we´re the only ones who have it! We´re a previous generation involved in new technologies, and through them we intend to take our message to all the corners of the world using the large number of communication channels that are available today.

Have you ever wondered what is the most direct way to reach a target audience today? It is not a mystery: the answer is the internet. In the same way that many people have wanted to take advantage of it for incorrect purposes, we will use this channel to spread the message of Christ.

If you want to send a message to the most remote places in the world, with just one click you can get the job done almost instantly; that´s communication! We could say that the barriers that used to prevent spreading the message quickly have already been removed. Now, we have the possibility for tons of people to see what we create.

When we embarked on this journey into the world of the media, we had something clear: we wanted to give everything of ourselves so that the message would not only be attractive to those who´ve already heard it but be equally attractive to those who are at the top of the industry and maybe had never heard it

Taking this into account as well as the responsibility that comes with sharing a message today, we don’t want to just create something with very good quality, but something that allows us to impact many lives. The result of this decision was Rose, which is our way of impacting the lives of many people and fulfilling our mission of sharing the message of the gospel.

By watching this short film, the audience will experience what it is to know Jesus and understand how He can transform lives. It’s exclusive content that all ages will be able to access and understand, as it was made to be striking and appealing for the current and future generations.

You can be part of this great voice that will impact millions of lives with the message of the gospel through Rose. Want to learn more about how you can do it? Visit our website: https://visionart-studios.com/rose/



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